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Brandy Leigh Wright
I love this place! Came in today and really enjoyed my visit for a mani pedi! They are always super fast and my nails look great!
Dolores Chandler Bonin
I have always had good service. I love the new remodeling job on the salon. The owner is very service driven and is always pleasant. I would recommend this salon!
By far this is the best nail salon I have ever been to. Great service and atmosphere. Items are used only once and everyone keeps an eye out for any hygiene issues that might cause a problem. I strongly advice to visit during the week to avoid the weekend wait. They do their best to keep every customer happy, but I think visits are better during the week.
Amy Younkins
No wait on a Saturday, professional, only 20 mins total and perfect nails by Kevin.
Susan Javier
I've been going to Elegant Nails for almost one year. Amazing service always clean.Never go anywhere else.
Scarlett Wilson
Went here for a fill & gel mani and pedi. They are great. Lovely nail art as well. One of the best mani pedis I've had a long time. I will definitely go back when in town.
Polina K.
Atlanta, GA
As always an amazing job done by Will! Been going to this salon for years, together with my mother, grandmother and cousin. Awesome super friendly people, great service and incredible work! Kathy and her husband did an amazing job renovating and increasing the footprint of this salon!
Courtney V.
Roswell, GA
Elegant Nails always does the best job! The staff is so friendly & the salon is so clean. Highly recommend!
Lydia G.
Atlanta, GA
Elegant Nails always does the best job! The staff is so friendly & the salon is so clean. Highly recommend!
Joseph D.
Seattle, WA
Nice clean salon in Atlanta with experienced staffs. They will not disappoint you! The salon was crowded but I only waited for 5 minutes!Recommend this nail salon to anyone!
Jackie W.
Boston, MA
They are just pure awesome. Stephaine did my nails and she did an amazing job. The customer service was great. They get busy in the salon but you never feel like your waiting forever. I literally stumbled upon this place because I was looking for a nail salon to take my niece to for her birthday. Btw she loved her nails too. I live in lawrenceville and I will make the drive to Roswell just for the great work in this salon
Marqueta W.
Gardena, CA
I fell in love with this salon. The first impression is everything and I'm impressed. I now live in Roswell and needed to treat myself to a gel manicure. I was immediately greeted and sat , which is amazing because on a Saturday at peek hours at a salon that never happens. I was seated and my manicurist was WILL. He began talking to me and helping me chose a color that would compliment me for my engagement photos and engagement party. I loved the atmosphere , it was very elegant (hint the name) , luxurious, clean, hgtv was playing , jazz music on, and well priced.
S N.
Las Vegas, NV
This place is amazing!!
My 7 year old wanted a manicure for her birthday so I choose this place based on reviews
I brought in a picture of what I wanted
(Ombre French) and the tech Wil did an amazing job
The lady at the front was so nice she offered us drinks and try to make is as comfortable as possible while we waited I definitely will go back!!
Roswell, GA
This place does a really great job. They have great prices ($23 pedicure, $14 manicure) and have a great environment. The people are always nice and take their time. My go-to place.
Courtney N.
Knoxville, TN
I have been to elegant nails several times and have always left thoroughly impressed. The first time I went I had a fantastic mani/pedi experience but thought that it was a little overpriced. I proceeded to go to another nail salon then next time I wanted a gel manicure and realized that it was worth the extra $ for the quality at elegant nails. For me a typical manicure at other salons will only last a week before cracking/chipping. The gel manicure from elegant nails never cracks and does not come off until I purposefully remove them. I have had my current gel nails for over two weeks and they still look as if they were just done... with a little added cuticle
J L.
Roswell, GA
I love this place. I've been a regular customer for years and have always been treated extremely well by all staff. This location is in a small Publix shopping plaza. The first time I came here I wasn't impressed my the outside but once you walk in the door you're whole perception changes
The ambience is great with multiple televisions (usually on cooking station) but it's always quiet. They have signs to please not talk on your cell phone in order to provide a calming, relaxing experience for everyone. I love that! I can't tell you how many times I go to salons and have to hear the person tall to loud, laugh extremely loud like they were at home...when all I'm trying to do is relax.
This salon has the capacity to have a lot of people in chairs as they have two separate areas in order to accommodate large numbers of people. I see Christy and she's the best. I've had multiple people do my manicures and everyone has been super friendly...we talk and laugh.
Be advised it's best to make an appointment or call ahead as there are many regular customers that come to this location. Also it can get extremely busy right before holidays as well.
This location has a large selection of nail polishes to choose from in both regular polish and gel. So you can always get fun new colors to try on. Additionally they started using single pre-packaged soaking salts, scrubs and foot masks for when you get your pedicure. I love how completely sanitary this place is as I've been to some questionable salons in the past.
Ashley W.
Cumming, GA
So happy I gave this place a try today! I am constantly on the hunt for a good nail salon and sadly I am usually disappointed but not today!!

I came in for a gel manicure and pedicure ($55 for both) and was happy to see there was no wait. I was very pleased to see they have a HUGE selection of both nail polish and gel polish, I love that. They have a few different price tiers based on the kind of mani/pedi you want, I did a basic pedicure and was happy with that. Both technicians did a great job and were very friendly without being too chatty (with me or amongst themselves). All of the techs were dressed in a "uniform" and it gave it a very professional, cohesive feel. Each of my techs used new, fresh tools on me and the basin of the pedicure chair was sealed with a plastic bag. They each did a great job with the massage and I felt very relaxed when they were done! Such a pleasant experience here, I will definitely be back!!
Jeanna G.
Paramus, NJ
Wow what a great nail salon! I was in need of a gel manicure and pedicure being I was visiting from NJ and had no clue where to go. I looked up some spots on yelp but this one definitely grabbed my attention from all the reviews I read and I'm very happy I chose this one.

I called up and made an appointment and arrived on time. I had to wait about 5 minutes as they prepared my pedicure station with a fresh liner ( I have never seen this before and loved it ) The salon was absolutely spotless and they use disposable buffers and files which lets me know they are very health conscious. The decor is very upscale with pillars and a mural painted on the wall and not to mention the chandelier. My nail lady was very sweet and listened to my requests. The pedicure was excellent and the color selection they have for gel manicures is unbelievable. It was really hard to decide on a color but I ended up finding a royal blue I've been on the hunt for!

While I got my pedicure done another young lady started removing my color gels I had on and prepped me for the gel manicure station. It was nice to have both done at the same time to save a little time in between. I had asked for a nail design and provided a picture to my nail lady. They did they very best they could with my little tid bit nails and I love it. Cute little tucan or as my friends say a messed up penguin, either way I love it.

The prices were reasonable for this very upscale salon. I ended up paying about $80 for my gel mani and pedicure with nail art and tip. It was well worth the money for the experience.
Brandy W.
Atlanta, GA
Planned an hour ahead for me and 2 other girls to get manis and pedis and was super impressed! They had 2 people for each of us right when we walked in! The atmosphere is so relaxing and the people are really nice and did an awesome job! Would definetly reccommend this place to friends and family!
Michelle B.
Atlanta, GA
I've been coming here for about a year - Cathy, the owner, is friendly, helpful and runs a very organized shop. The atmosphere is relaxing and the selection of colors and spa treatments are fantastic. The pricing is competitive. Clean - which is a must! Ample parking and a LOT of chairs - wait time is minimum. But make a reservation - it's easy to do as you're checking out. Bring cash for tips - it's better for the nail techs!
Reneé E.
Norcross, GA
The BEST PLACE !! Holly is amazing and the rest of the staff are awesome as well. They greet you immediately and make sure you are well taken care of. I would recommend them to anyone!
Thanks again Holly!!
Jessica J.
Roswell, GA
Great pedicure! I've had quite a few and this is hands down the best one I have ever had. Not only was V's technique in painting on point. She didn't cut me once, her massage was the perfect pressure. I will not be going anywhere else from now on.
Benita M.
Chicago, IL
I love this nail salon! The staff is always friends and my mani/pedi always last. I drive all the way from midtown to get my nails done here and it's worth it. I am always happy with my gel manicure.
Charisse C.
Atlanta, GA
OUTstanding experience; very friendly, attentive service; when there's a wait - they offer a beverage; relaxing atmosphere; quality work that lasts; and the foot and hand massages are FANtastic (if you pay extra for 5 or 10 minutes extra @ $1 per min - well worth it!)
Ann S.
Roswell, GA
I love this nail salon/spa and it lives up to it's name. Quiet, with soft relaxation music playing, no cell phone ringers and chatter amongst the staff while they work. Very efficient, large staff, trained, professional and caring, it's a total pampering experience. I get the spa pedicure and manicure, have had their gel nails which were wonderful. I usually try to see Ann but everyone has been great. An out of the ordinary place and one that I plan to frequent for years.
Renee K.
Roswell, GA
I came here yesterday on a spur to get a pedicure. I've never visited this location before, but my neighbor goes all the time and raves about it. I was a bit worried that would be closed when I visited after work, but luckily, they close at 7:30 during the week.

When I entered, I immediately noticed there was a wait to get work done. Two women were already sitting down and every chair was filled with people getting manicures and pedicures. I asked the man at the counter how long the wait was and he just said, "not long." Ok, I guess. Not long can be very subjective, but I wasn't rushed so I just accepted that.

I waited about 15 minutes before it was my turn. As the previous woman got out of her chair a man immediately swooped in and began cleaning the little tub and sanitizing the chair and other things. Maybe this is the lurking guy the other reviewer mentioned? A lurking man that only comes out to clean? Sounds nice to me!

A soft-spoken woman named Vi was my technician. Before she started, I apologized for the horrendous condition my toes were in, but she just smiled and told me not to worry. As she began her work, I relaxed. Other people are right when they how relaxing this place is. Soft, relaxing music plays in the background, signs telling people not to be on their phones, and two TVs muted on the Food Network. And the chair is pretty awesome, too! I went to town on that massage chair. Absolutely wonderful.

I opted for the honey scrub pedicure ($28) and chose a go-to red color. The honey scrub was fantastic! At first I thought she was just going to rub some scrub on me and call it a day, but she actually massaged my calf and all of my foot. She did that on both legs and that lasted about 15 minutes. Then she put on some conditioning lotion and did it again! Coupled with the massage chair, I was in heaven! I would pay her for just that!

Before she got started on the nails, I watched closely for the whole clean and sanitizing thing that the company claims their infamous for. And sure enough, she opened up brand new packages of utensils before she got started and put on some latex gloves. Yay for OCD about germs!

She was efficient and made sure to be gentle on my extremely ticklish feet. And the color looks great! No smears or chips. :)

The only issue I have is that after I paid and she brought me the receipt she said that tip was cash only. There wasn't even a space to leave a tip on the receipt. I wish she had told me that before she started, or even better, if there was a sign that mentioned that. I had to waddle over to Publix with my flimsy pedicure flip flops to get her tip.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will definitely be back.
Que C.
Roswell, GA
I'm Vietnamese and I have to say I dread Vietnamese nail salons for many reasons. Most of the staff are nosy, always asking personal questions. They appear to gossip alot, making clients uncomfortable. I do speak and understand Vietnamese and I can assure you that most of time they do not gossip about clients, just gossip in general...still very annoying. My mom and aunts have worked and some still work at nail salons and I always tell them they need to be more professional.

That's why it's so refreshing to come to Elegant Nails. They are PROFESSIONALS! I love the owners and the staff. They seem caring and ask polite questions without being "nosy". The ambiance is great - very relaxing and quiet. If someone gets on the mobile phone, the person is being asked politely to please step out so that other clients can enjoy their time without listening in.

The prices are fair compared to other surrounding salons. I've never had a problem adding tip to my credit card if I forgot or didn't have time to stop to get cash beforehand. The manicure & pedicure are also great. If you've never been there before ask for the more experienced nail technicians. The less inexperienced ones I find make more mistakes or not as careful as the more experienced ones, but that's a no-brainer, right? You'll find the ones that you like after a while and will stay with him or her. Not sure about the comment previous reviewer made about male employees standing around. All the male employees work on nails whenever I am there. In the summer, I do think they hire some young folks to answer the phones or clean up so they may be standing around when not busy.

You definitely should give them a try.
Tanisha S.
Conyers, États-Unis
My neighbor and I went today and had a wonderful experience!! For a Saturday afternoon around 1pm they were busy but got to us very quickly. The service was great and the technicians are very friendly. I love that very utensil (even the pumice bar) used on me came out of brand new packages! I had been looking for a new place after the last two places I went gave me spots of fungus on my big toe. I came from NY where my salon used these individual packets and it's so great and clean. I will definitely be back again and great to find a nice, relaxing, clean, and sanitary nail salon right around the corner from home!
Karen H.
Atlanta, GA
This is a gem of a nail salon. First off, it's a pretty nice experience overall, clean, uncluttered, and a bit more spa-like than a lot of the strip mall salons. Second, I've had two really good manicures there, one regular, and one gel (the gel was by a man, and when I was there, the guys were only doing manicures, not lurking). Polish on Elegant Nails.
Cassie P.
Roswell, GA
I really enjoyed my trip to this nail salon! The decor and atmosphere is very relaxing.
I came for eyebrow/lip waxing which was performed by Stephanie. The wax she used was for sensitive skin, so it didn't hurt a bit. After having two women mess up my eyebrows I was very pleased she got them even and Shapley!
Next she did my manicure. She was gentle with my cuticles, polish was nice, massage was okay and the warms towels were a nice touch.
My eyebrow & lip wax was only $13
Manicure was $13
Only thing I will say is don't go if you are in a rush. They are busy and multitask, but also take the time to perform your services. I will definitely be back!
Vivian C.
Sandy Springs, GA
I am impressed. This place is clean and relaxing. The staff was very friendly yet professional. A relaxing atmosphere is difficult to find in a nail salon lately. There were two large televisions on, but they were both muted. Relaxing instrumental music was playing. I only had a pedicure, but the technician did an excellent job. She took her time and was thorough. The prices are very reasonable also. I will return.
Catie B.
Roswell, GA
I came to Elegant Nails after another salon (Lux) destroyed them. I walked in at it felt like a spa. I was relived to say the least after they took a look at my nails and saw the damage. They were in awe too. But, I received a fantastic pedicure, while they painlessly and cleverly took care of my nails. Afterward, the manager (a very nice man) came to me and asked if I was ok and was happy with everything! It was such a great experience!

Everyone there was so nice. The lady (I forget her name) and Michael who repaired my nails were so nice. It was also fresh, clean and pretty inside. They have large flat screens for your viewing pleasure and spa music on that is very relaxing. All the tables and pedicure chairs seem new! Not only that but the price was great. They didn't nickle and dime for each thing they needed to do to fix my nails.

I will definitely be going back! thank you elegant nails!
Danielle R.
Roswell, GA
I've been coming here for years and like this place a lot. When they first opened, they stole me away from the other nearby salon and I was quickly a fan.The atmosphere is nice and clean, the prices are good, the people are friendly and they do a good job.

They renovated and added a new section awhile back, though I never understood why because they didn't seem to staff accordingly to their new larger size and most of the chairs remain empty and at times (even when they're not slammed) I still have to wait.

Occasionally, when they're busy it does seem like they rush and the job does suffer a bit, but overall this place is my first choice just about all of the time.
sikiu y.
Alpharetta, GA
I had a great experience here. Loved how my nails turned out. The best so far in Atl. I'll be back. Saw Ken. My pedi girl did a good job, however, her massage was sort of painful, the girls nail were long. Oh! I was given a 20% discount for mentioning yelp!
Ariel C.
Roswell, GA
kathy is the best at waxing and pedis, and stephanie is amazing at gels and acrylics and the whole shabang.. been going here for YEARS!
Tennille G.
Roswell, GA
I read reviews about this place and decided to stop in. This place is very nice and clean, with a relaxing atmosphere. I attended once, receiving an eyebrow waxing, gel mani and pedi. My only complaints are: Speaking in another language while working and the thin coat of gel polish that broke 2 nails, one on each hand within one week of getting them done. Although I won't return for gel nails, I will still show up for a pedicure b/c that was a great experience.
Jane C.
Phoenix, AZ
Great experience here, as I stopped in during my recent visit to this area. Would highly recommend. Careful thorough excellent get manicure. Thanks!
Sophia R.
Marietta, GA
I moved from Miami almost a year ago, and was in desperate need of a good nail salon. I'm very picky as to who touches my nails so I looked up various places and came across this one and decided to give them a try since they are across the street from LA Fitness, and I practically live their. Always go do my nails after my workout which is awesome! Loved how attentive the staff was on my first visit. I have been coming every other week since then and can't complain. Atmosphere is very relaxing , They always have jazzy type music playing softly and they always always have the food network on their plasma tv's. I love to cook and get new ideas so definetly LOVE IT! I always get my nails done with Vi now. Very sweet lady, always cleans my feet very well and takes her time on each toe. I used to get my nails done with Stephanie or Trish but everytime I come in and ask for them they seem to always be booked. Make sure to make an appointment for future visits, that way you are not having to wait. The wait can sometimes be long but if you plan accodringly you shouldnt be disappointed.
Laura L.
Atlanta, GA
i'm giving this nail salon 5 stars because for the past 2 years i've been going here and find myself comparing other places negatively against elegant nails. when i'm out of town or still in atlanta i have never found another place that is as clean, relaxing, updated, or skilled as elegant nails.

what i've learned from the numerous times i've been here is that the men who work here are phenomenal at doing fingernails ( i've had a few quality issues with the women doing them) and i'm also giving you my big secret... ask for hana to do your pedicure. you will never find a more perfect looking pedicure, she is the absolute best and i won't even go to elegant if she isn't there that day.
Genevieve W.
Roswell, GA
My husband,daughter and me went here and I must say it was beyond lovely my husband felt like a king and we felt like a queen and princess,Vivian,Rachel,and I don't know the others but they were so nice to us.We even had mini massages when she did our mani. & pedi's.Awesome job they do on your nails.I wouldn't go anywhere else especially in walmart they are horrible nails don't last long at al,but here they are what they named the place Elegant Nails,the place is very elegant and nice very clean someone is always cleaning,my husband really enjoyed for his 1st time getting his pedi. He's going more often now yeahh and we are too!!!
Vicki C.
I really enjoy coming here for relaxation me-time. The workers are really nice and make you feel comfortable. They don't make you feel like they are talking crap about you in a different language. They are really kind and do such a great job. They make my hands feel so clean.
Erickson N.
I'm so glad that I find this place. I was a walk-in right as they opened and their staff served me very soon. She really paid attention, and made sure I was comfortable with her work. I felt very comfortable with her. I will be a regular myself!
Daring A.
My first time coming here and definitely not my last! Got a gel mani and pedi.. They look perfect! Good service too. One of my new top favorites in the area (and I'm really picky)
Thanks you- beautiful girls :)
Alice D.
This place is so cute! Really clean! Neat! Tons and tons of gel colors! Little bows, designs, great conversation. I would recommend!!
Spears A.
Never come here and feeling disappointed. I always get my gel mani done and leave with wonderful result. Average price compare with other salon but you will get more than you pay for!
Linda M.
This place was really awesome. Great service and friendly accommodating staff you will not regret coming here. The staff who handled my manicure and pedicure were very sweet, gentle and very thorough. The color selection is great. I've been to many nail salon, but nothing like this. I love it-- I will be back regularly.